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Our story is our favorite...

Truly one of a kind...

Take a peek below...

And see how we became defined.

Henna Khanijou


Divyanshu Sharma


His Story

After meeting briefly through a friend in downtown Buffalo, I really met Henna at the Indian Student Association General Body meeting the next day. I remember turning around and seeing her with her friends giggling all the way at the top. We began to see each other more and more as she got closer to our friend circle over the years. Henna was special to me as she always took the time out to help me through my assignments and exams as we made our way through College. We began to grow closer together as she began to know my likes and dislikes. As Molly (our dog) came into our lives, we grew closer together. After graduation, although our friends began to move away from Buffalo, we were there together as she was still in school and I was establishing my business. After 2014, being that she was in Buffalo and I had moved to Rochester, we would see each other weekly. When Mama came to visit me in 2014, that was when I truly realized that Henna was the girl for me. Henna quickly grew closer to my family and fit right in. All these years later, we were meant to be, and it was always in front of me.


Her Story

Ironically, the first time we met was at a bar back in January 2011 (sorry, Mom and Dad)! He immediately caught my attention with his bubbly and warm personality and I knew that we had to be friends. And that's exactly what we became - really good friends who understood each other through rights and wrongs and supported each other through college essays and assignments. In 2012, our puppy, baby girl Molly, walked right into our lives by fluke, and that brought us even closer as she became a shared responsibility. As we got to know each other and our families more and more, we realized that the person whom we had both been looking for to spend forever with, was literally right in front of our eyes. Yes, we are poles apart in some aspects, but in others, we are so similar. I never thought I would find someone who found paneer as repulsive as I did... Until Divyanshu :) Although he never asked me to be his girlfriend (hehe), he did ask me to Marry him in April of 2021. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this caring, considerate, and loving person <3






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